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Charles Linden Method Worth It?

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Linden Method Review
Created By Charles Linden

The Linden Method was developed by Charles Linden, an ex sufferer of panic attacks, anxiety disorder, agoraphobia and other anxiety related conditions. The Method pack includes, The Linden Method Manual, The 4 Linden Method CDs, The Linden Method video/DVD.

If you have been suffering from panic attacks for a while, you've probably read a lot about the subject already..the causes, symptoms.

The Linden Method is about using a method of recovery and, as per their website, it has been used by nearly 100,000. What the method basically says is that anxiety is caused by one internal mechanism and that by correcting the changes made in that organ by the anxiety disorder, you can permanently eliminate anxiety at its root. The Linden Method discourages sufferers from examining the catalyst for their anxiety and instead, provides a solution which moves forwards and focuses on the future.

The telephone and email support from trained counselors and psychologists is a part and parcel of The Linden Method.

The product also comes with a no questions asked 8-week moneyback guarantee.

We give it an overall rating of 4.5/5.


L. Ellis (NYC)

I have used this method. I was skeptical at first. When you have anxiety you read a lot of `possible' solutions. There is a lot of crap out there. But I told myself I had nothing to lose. I remember sitting in the park reading that book and crying. Finally, someone who understands! And then I heard his CDs and I felt more assured. Within a month all the terror, being scared all the time and not understanding what was happening to me stopped. That yearlong nightmare was over.

Michelle Peterson "MRP" (Pennsylvania)

I was very skeptical about this purchase because of the price, but I thought if it worked, it would be well worth it. It has really helped me a lot with my anxiety attacks. It hasn't eliminated them completely , but it has helped me to deal with them and keep them manageable instead of a full blown attack. The concern that I had is prior to purchasing, it indicated that I would have one year of online counseling support but in the product, I could find no numbers to call or how to access that service.

Michael F. Freer (Canada)
Stress is inevitable and is a fundamental part of our lives. In moderation the 'adrenaline surges' of stress makes us achieve, but in excess, over a period of time, stress can result in high anxiety, panic attacks and a failure to function effectively.

Anxiety brings misery to 1 in 4 of us and the effects can last a lifetime if not countered. In the "Linden Method" a proven solution is found, to assist those who follow its well explained ethos, back to a meaningful life.

Difference between Panic Away and The Linden Method: Although both treatments have received rave user reviews, merits apart, the visible difference is the difference in price. Panic Away costs $67.95 for the eBook, videos and audio files, while The Linden Method costs $ 87 for the downloadable version of the method as well as 16 MP3 tracks.

However, you have to decide for yourself whether price ought to be a factor in making a purchase decision. For instance, how much is elimination of panic attacks worth to you?

However, Panic Away is our recommendation because this program is endorsed by psychologists and psychiatrists worlwide and also because it has a proven track record with a high success rate.

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