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Muscle Gain Truth Review

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Muscle Gain Truth Review

Muscle Gain Truth Muscle Building Program

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Essentially, basic muscle building principles have always been the same whether it is today, 25 years ago or 75 years ago. The advancement of modern science and technology, on the other hand, has resulted in the creation of equipment that multiply the effectiveness of these principles in muscle building.

However, alongwith the growth of technology, the greed of man too has increased in leaps and bounds and this is no different in the bodybuilding industry as well.

The body building industry, however, with the primary objective of making as much money as they can, have done two things - one they have distorted the basic principles and techniques of muscle building by overplaying the role of equipment, and secondly they made promises of unrealistic muscle gain levels to those aspiring to build muscles.

As a result, over 90% of all those who start a muscle building program neither complete the program, nor do they gain any muscle.

The Muscle Gain Truth program, in a nutshell, is just the opposite of the industry standard unproductive programs.

It brings the focus back to the basic proven principles of muscle gain and puts the role of equipment in the proper perspective and required context, while also letting the user know what to expect and what is possible, and how best to achieve it.

In other words, it has a sound approach for muscle gain, and also the techniques required to make that approach produce results by way of muscle growth.

The Muscle Gain Truth approach is built upwards on the basis of two scientific facts about muscle building - intensity and progression.

Scientifically, for muscles to grow, they need stress, and the muscles in question have to percieve the stress placed upon them in the gym as a threat to their survival because the extra stress on them causes them to naturally suffer micro tears.

Soon after a gym session is over, the body then goes into repair mode, only this time it repairs itself to handle more stress, thereby causing muscle growth.

Talking about intensity, which in this case refers to the amount of force exerted by the muscles on each give set of each given exercise, Sean clearly points out the fact that in order to achive 100% potential muscle growth, one has to train with 100% intensity.

However, this intensity component is completely misinterpreted by the industry which basically talks out working out for hours day after day till you either gain muscle or your give up - usually it is give up. This is intesnity gone haywire. In reality, though what is required s controlled intensity, taking into account how the human body works.

Sean clearly explains what this controlled intensity is and how it can make the difference between gaining muscle and gaining nothing.

Similarly, in order for the muscles to constantly increase in size and strength, they must be presented with greater and greater amounts of strength. This is the other component, namely, progression.

Sean points out that although intensity and progression go hand in hand, progression is the most important point of the equation, and he provides brilliant illustrations to make the user understand this component throroughly.

These are the basics that Sean first gets the user past, taking great pains to make the user understand them because they are central to muscle gain.

The pains that Sean takes to make the user understand these elements is commendable because, it is a fact that unless you understand what muscle gain is all about, any effort you make to build muscle is only an experience in futility.

In doing so, Sean has very effectively eliminated the main lack in other muscle gain programs, which have no conherrent relationship between the principles of muscle gain and the actual workouts required to make it happen.

At the same time, Sean also shows the user the pitfalls he must avoid - pitfalls that can completely destroy your muscle gain efforts. One of them is over training.

Sean firstly shows the user what over training really is and why over training is not only a waste but also counterproductive. Most people think, buliding muscles is about slogging endlessly in a gym 6 days a week, but Sean differs.

In fact, he says is that all that muscle building requires is 1% of your overall time in the gym, amounting to roughly about 3-4 hours a week and provides the scientific basis for it. The key is: give your body the amount of stress time that is necessary to gain muscle, nothing more nothing less, which incidentally is also scientifically true.

Likewise, he points out that recovery time is an important aspect in between workouts.

One of the reasons muscle gain efforts fail is that they often push the body beyond the ability to recover, which Sean has wisely eliminated by telling the user to get rif of the the concept that "more is better" and instead replace it with "less is more" as far as muscle gain is concerned.

He then elaborates into the details of these concepts and shows the user how to actually apply these principles while working out. These are just two pitfalls and there are a whole lot of others that he discusses in great detail.

From thereon, Sean then dives into the specifics of muscle building and how to got about it, imparting his own experience of transforming himself from a skinny adult to a muscular man.

He shows the user exactly what kind of muscle exercises to follow and most importantly how to structure the workout program for maximum benefit with the required effort.

This also where he begins showing the user the proven perfect routines to not only build muscles effectively, but also build them quickly.

This combination of making the user get a correct understanding of all the details about the muscle building process, and the actual effective workout routines is what sets Muscle Gain Truth apart from the rest.

Further, we were also impressed by two other aspects of the program.

The first is Sean's honesty. He does not take the user up the garden path with promises of miracles. Instead, he says give it 25 dedicated minutes of your time everyday for 4-8 weeks, applying evrything he teaches and you will see astonishing results.

He also states in no uncertain terms that this whole process requires effort and discipline. This is completely different from what others in the industry are doing, with promises that they can't deliver and programs that users can't follow.

Most importantly, he is so sure of results that if you do not see muscle growth in 8 weeks time, he is willing to give a no questions asked refund.

The second aspect that is impressive is the clarity regarding muscle gain from all angles- psychological, philosophical and the actual workouts. Obviously, not only does he know what he is talking about, but the program ebook content indicates that he has also has studied the subject in great detail.

And this really is a primary requirement for anyone who has set out to teach others how to gain muscle gain because only someone who knows what he is talking about can help others, and everything that Sean says in his program ebook is scientifically verifiable.

This is as good as a muscle gain program can get immaterial whether you are planning to gain muscle to impress the girls, or just because you want muscle.

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