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Review: Learn Spanish Like Crazy! Literally!

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Format: Audio CDs + Manual

Product Review :

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This is our favourite product because it's quite comprehensive. There really is a lot of material to get through, over 1000 hours. Also, this product is 100% audio, so it could be a great choice if you like to learn Spanish while driving in your car. However, if you are the type of person who prefers to learn by reading as well, Rocket Spanish would be the choice for you. When most people ask us to recommend a single product, we tell them to get Rocket Spanish and if they still have some extra cash to spend, Learn Spanish Like Crazy is also a good investment.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy was developed to teach everyday conversational Latin American Spanish. The course was developed after the Founder of the course realized that the Spanish that he had learned from other self-study Spanish courses was completely different from the Spanish that he was hearing Spanish speakers speak in Latin America and the U.S. Unlike many other Spanish courses, Learning Spanish Like Crazy teaches you how to speak real everyday conversational Latin American Spanish as opposed to "textbook" or formal Spanish. The course is all audio. The Light version of Learning Spanish Like Crazy consists of the first 16 lessons of Level I Learning Spanish Like Crazy. The complete Level I of Learning Spanish Like Crazy has a total of 30 audio lessons. 6 reasons why we consider this the second best Spanish course on the market. 1. Unlike many of the Spanish courses on the market today, the vocabulary in this course is modern and typical of the Spanish that is spoken today throughout the Americas.

2. The Spanish featured in this course is also more conversational or more everyday-like compared to the more formal Spanish that I have found in other Spanish courses.

3. Much of the grammar that is taught in other Spanish courses is grammar that is considered 100% correct by European standards. Some examples of such so-called proper grammar would be excessive use of the personal "a," unnecessary and excessive use of reflexive verbs when the non-reflexive usage will suffice. Although to do otherwise would not be considered 100% correct by Castilian standards, such usage (or lack of) has achieved widespread acceptance throughout Latin America, especially in normal everyday Spanish. Any insistence to adhere to the Castilian standard is a clear indication that one has not taken the time to learn Spanish as the natives speak it (in Latin America). Without sacrificing proper grammar usage and at the same time avoiding slang, the speakers in this course manage to teach colloquial or everyday Spanish grammar that is commonly used throughout the Americas.

4. This Spanish course uses a teaching method that makes it possible for the student to develop an almost perfect Latin American Spanish accent.But as a native Spanish speaker, I can tell you that there is nothing more annoying than someone that has taken the time to learn proper Spanish vocabulary and grammar but has neglected to learn the proper pronunciation and accent. If you fall into that category, then you should certainly buy this course.

5. The sound quality of the lessons is also excellent. And to develop proper pronunciation and accent, you really need good sound quality like this course has.

6. This course also covers a great deal of content in each lesson. Although the amount of content will require you to practice the CDs several times before moving on, you will be glad that you did after seeing the progress that you are making.

Go To Learn Spanish Like Crazy Website

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