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Reading the statement "Speak Spanish Confidently and Naturally in less than 3 months", at the Rocket Spanish website, usually causes one to wonder whether this is another one of those spurious claims one often sees on the internet.

But then there are execeptions, and Rocket Spanish is one of those execeptions. This is pretty obvious once one goes through the course methodology and contents. Thereafter, it is clear why this claim is being made and why this spanish language course has become a bestseller in such a short time.

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Universally, there are two ways or systems in which a person learns a second language: 'the acquired system' and 'the learned system'. The 'acquired system' or ' acquisition ' is the product of a subconscious process very similar to the process children undergo when they acquire their first language. It requires meaningful interaction in the target language - natural communication - in which speakers are concentrated not in the form of their utterances, but in the communicative act.

The 'learned system' or ' learning ' is the product of formal instruction and it comprises a conscious process which results in conscious knowledge 'about' the language, for example knowledge of grammar rules.

When both these systems come into play simultaneously, the learning process reaches its maximum potential and it is on this principle that the Rocket Spanish course is built upwards, making it perhaps the only spanish language course that is scientifically geared to enhance the spanish language learning process.

Basically the course content is cut up into not only comprehensive but also impressive 12 hours of interactive audio lessons, 414 exercises & activities, plus interactive software games.

However, it is how these elements are combined together for optimal learning that perhaps sets Rocket Spanish apart from all other spanish courses in vogue.

Theeretically, In the primary, immaterial whether it is a beginner or someone who wants a better grip of the language, the audio lessons while walking the listener through the different steps of pronounciation and diction, also creates the oral language environment which encourages the subconscious acquisition of the language, thereby preparing the learner for further learning input.

This input is then provided by the exercises and the guides, designed in tandem with the instructions in the audio, to teach the actual structure of the language, such as grammar, style etc. in common as well as adbanced words, phrases, terms and sentences.

This enables the learner to immediately make a connection between the audio of a sentence, for instance, and its written form, thereby permanently committing to memeory the sentence, its meaning, pronounciation, diction and its application.

Rocket spanish learning, however, does not stop at fusion of these two learning techniques to optimize the learning of the language.

Instead, it goes further and introduces two other elements to ensure that the entire process desired results: practise and testing. The software component of the course is specific to these two functions.

The word games, for example, are designed to increase the users ability to recognize words and to understand the spoken form of the langauge more easily. Similarly, the testing component uses the MegaCards, which tests you for what you have learnt, pointing out mistakes and instructions on improvement.

Therefore, before you actually go out and start speaking the language, you are already confident about the ensuing conversations and your ability to deal with them. Right from the start, to the very last sentence of the very last lesson, Rocket Spanish is planned for succcesful learning of the language.

Another impressive aspect of Rocket Spanish is the wide spectrum of learners it caters to in its audio lessons, as well as the exercises. The course is structured for three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

Hence, a person just beginning to learn spanish is as comfortable and at ease in using the course as someone who has an intermediate knowledge of the language and wants to make it finer.

More importantly, a person who starts with the basics has all that he requires to graduate from a new learner to an adanced speaker in as less as 3 months.

In fact, the program creators are so confident of the course providing results that they are willing to provide a full refund if the user does not see substantial progress within 8 weeks.

Contrary to perceptions, though, Rocket Spanish is not a Spanish Speaking Course. It is much more than that. It not only teaches you to speak spanish, but also teaches you to read, write and speak spanish like a spaniard, with particular emphasis being paid on native prononuciation with tools that include grammar lessons, diction lessons, varying proficiency lessons, meaning guides, sentence formation instruction, among others, with a heavy empahsis on the native form of the language.

This is also the reason why those who have learnt to speak spanish the Rocket Spanish way have often passed off as native speakers rather than second language speakers.

Finally, the course does not offer any miraculous promises, shortcuts or fancy methods that others courses do. Rather, they soberly tell you that you have to put in the required effort and if you do that part, the course creators guarantee results within 8 weeks or you can claim a full refund from them.

Format: The course is available in a hardcopy 25 CD pack or by instant download via mp3 and text files, which have identical content.

The download version offers access to the company's Members Area, where you can download the entire package or individual components. The core text conent is 500 pages in size. All the audio files can be played on a mp3 player. All exercises are printable.

The hardcopy CD pack offers uncompressed audio sound and includes ebooks and MegaSpanish software.

Several aspects make Rocket Spanish worth buying: sound scientific basis; proven results; easy to use, 8 week money back guarantee and highly competitive pricing ( other courses cost over $400).

Recommendation: If you are serious about quickly learning spanish the correct way, this is as good as it can get. An added advantage is that if you are not satisfied with it, you can get a full refund within 8 week

Best Offer

Price: $99.95 for the instant download version (recommended) ; $299.95 + shipping and handling for the 25 CD pack.

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