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Rocket Spanish

Format: Audio CDs, Ebook, Online Support


Rocket Spanish is an interactive course which will help you pick up spoken and written Spanish quickly. And being interactive, it's like your having fun to be learning. But you really are learning.

Rocket Spanish is broken into two parts. The Mega Spanish Audio Software. And the Mega Spanish Software.

All the lessons you need are in the audio software. And after a few days, you will hit the ground running.

But most people rave on about the Mega Spanish Software. This software is broken into 2 main programs.

The Mega Vocab has over 2000 words and 20 topics for you to pick up. And the Mega Vocab Creator allows you to add your own words and pictures to the software. So you pick up Spanish words faster.

And you know why it's a no brainer?

Because you have access to the materials 24/7. You see, Rocket Spanish is a program which you can listen to, over and over again. And if you have problems with a word, you can play it again. Or use the software to help you remember it. Users say it's like having a live in Spanish teacher to help you, every step of the way.

Free Course

If what you want is an actual trial, sign up for their free Six-Part Mini-Course. You'll get lessons sent to you every day for a week, where you'll learn how to take part in a real Spanish conversation by using the innovative Rocket Spanish interactive learning method. It's just like having a tutor in your own home, guiding you through proper pronunciation and giving you extra tips on Latin culture and how people really talk.

If you like what Rocket Spanish has to offer, you can sign up for their premium service. The author of Rocket Spanish, Mauricio Evlampieff, will guide you through all aspects of the Spanish language, from pronunciation and conversation to grammar and vocabulary building. As a native speaker, he uses his insider knowledge of the language to make you aware of the differences between the Spanish taught in schools and the Spanish spoken on the streets, as well as the differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain and that spoken in Latin America.

Rocket Spanish is by far the most diverse and effective Spanish lessons we have ever seen available online. The course is extensive and it comes with exercises & activities, plus some ultra-cool interactive software games.

Learning has never been so fun and that probably explains why Rocket Spanish is one of the most popular learning Spanish program in the market.

With all the useful functions and features that it offers, Rocket Spanish is currently the best priced in the net. What's more, in less than 2 months, users have been able to speak fluently Spanish confidently.

One thing that surprised us was users telling us that with what they have learned from the rocket spanish course, no one ever questions them about their accent. You may be able to say Spanish words but one of the hardest things to learn is how to properly pronounce words. As you well know many people can speak English but for people that it is not their first language sometimes it can be hard to understand what they are saying. They may be saying the right words but are just not pronouncing them correctly. That is one problem you will never have with rocket spanish.

The price of the service will vary according to whether you prefer to download the Rocket Spanish package or receive it sent to you in a 25-CD pack. Whichever option you choose, you'll receive our full Interactive Audio Course, over 12 hours of audio in which you'll actually speak Spanish with a native speaker and learn to participate in a real conversation. You'll receive e-books on Beginning and Advanced Grammar, Spanish Conversation, and Vocabulary Building. You'll also get our fun MegaVocab and MegaAudio software games, which will help you recognize both written and spoken Spanish words. Plus, you can add your own vocabulary list to the games, making memorizing for a test a snap

Rocket Spanish backs the entire No-Fail System with a full 100% money-back guarantee. This means that you can try the program risk-free for a full 8 weeks, and if you're not fully satisfied, you won't pay a dime.

Program Highlights:

#1 best-selling online spanish learning program
Highest quality and most indepth package available
Instantly downloadable from website
Incredibly easy to understand and implement
Extremely low price for everything you get
Credible, well respected author
Thousands of successful users from all over the world
Endorsed by top experts in the field
Safe & secure online ordering system
100% 8-week money-back guarantee

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