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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Tom Venuto brings his experience and credentials as a fitness expert, hutrionist and body-building champion to provide a fat loss program that has gone on to become a bestseller. Tom's method of fat loss includes putting to work the three required measures to not just lose the existing fat, but also to remain lean, healthy and fit for life. Highly recommended Read Full Review
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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review
Fat Loss 4 Idiots - Among the various diet only programs for losing fat quickly and safely, Fat loss 4 Idiots stands out. The offers an effective diet regimen that enables you to burn off large amounts of your body fat by using the ' theory of shifting calories to burn off accumulated fat. This diet does not require special foods or ingredients. Rather you eat what you are already eating, but in different combinations as set about by the online diet generator.. Read Full Review

Fit Over 40 Review
Fit Over 40 This weight loss program is created by someone over 40, who is first hand aware of the difficulties faced by those aged 40 and above, with relation to weight loss. The program is tailormade for this age group. It is meant for both men and women. The program also includes input by best selling author Tom Venuto. Read Full Review

6 Week Fat Burning System For Women
6 Week Fat Burning & Mind empowering system For Women This fat loss program is created by a woman - Heather Pickens - and is specifically meant for women. The program takes into account the unique nature and other aspects of the feamle body and sets forth a fat loss program that has become popular among women. Read Full Review

Chest Coach System Review
Chest Coach System - Lose Man Boobs - Cliff Manchester - the creator of this program to get rid of man boobs himself suffered from the problem before failure with various methods to get rid of them drove him to search a genuine method of getting rid of man boobs. The Chest coach program comes with a manual and instructional CDs as well. This is the only known effective alternate remedy for man boobs other wise known as gynaecomastia. Read Full Review
Muscle Gain Truth Review
The Truth About Muscle Gain - Sean Nalewanij himself was a skinny boy. Tired of being humiliated, he set upon building a handsome body for himself. In his program about muscle gain ' The Truth About Muscle Gain', Sean provides you with the orecise steps and exercise, as well as dieting he did to gain a muscular and healthy body. This is one of the best programs to gain body muscle. It brings the focus back to the basic proven principles of muscle gain and puts the role of equipment in the proper perspective Read Full Review
Truth About Six Pack Abs Review
The Truth About Six Pack Abs - Mike Geary provides you with a no-nonsense straight forward emtohod to not only gain six pack abs, but also an overall muscular, fit and healthy body. This bestseller from Mike Geary approaches the effort to gain six-pack abs is not merely about doing abdomenal exercises, but also about dieting and making life style changes to ensure that the your six pack abs remain that way. This program is an all time bestseller in its genre. Read Full Review