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Bascially, being over weight is having an excessive accumulation of fat in the body. Since excess storage fat develops when intake of the food required to produce energy exceeds the amount of energy used in metabolism and in physical activity, the treatment of excess fat must alter one or both aspects of the energy stream.

The options to get rid of this fat are to decrease energy intake or to increase energy output, or both. There is also another factor that has to be taken into account: lifestyle - it determines and sets healthy or unhealthy dietary habits and practise.

Burn The Fat, Build The Muscle is the only rare program that comprehensively takes care of all aspects that play a central role in fat loss.

Contrary to public perception, though, it's not a "weight loss" program, it's a "fat" loss program. Thereby, it brings the real problem into focus: excess body fat. Burn The Fat shows you exactly why it's fat you must lose, not "weight" (which is made up of muscle, water and other lean tissue) and then shows you how to go about it effectively.

Clearly, Tom's advantage is that he is an accomplished body builder with a body fat level of 3.7 % ( every bodybuilder's dream) and it is because of this that Tom Venuto brings personal professional insight into fat loss as award winning bodybuilder, providing you with techniques and information not found anywhere else.

It is the two components - fat burning and weight training, that makes Burn The Fat a two-edged fat loss program, setting it apart from the rest and it is upto the user as to how he wants to use this.

On one hand, it contains effective techniques of burning fat, while on the other it also provides four weight training programs to build muscle. If it is just fat loss that you are, you can use the program just for that purpose.

On the other hand, if you want to burn the fat and then convert the remaining body mass into muscle, you can do that as well.

That is also why it is called Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle.

Fat loss is not just about burning off the present excess fat that one has. It is also about making lifestyle changes that caused the problem in the first place.

Burn The Fat emphasizes this and points out the kinds of life styles that cause fat accumulation and then shows you how to make effective alterations without too much of a compromise.

Apart from the detailed fat loss techniques in the program, we were particularly impressed by Tom's honesty. He does not make fantastic fat loss claims and does not lead you up the garden path of setting ridiculous weight loss goals.

Instead, he leads the user on the path of achievable goals, and provides ways to measure progress, body fat level etc, so you know where you are at with your fat loss program (and if you are not happy with the results even after due diligence, he is willing to refund).

One aspect he clearly states, though, is that this program needs effort and that it is not a quick fix. In fact he says, there is no quick fix that won't be counterproductive or limited in its results, which makes sense.

For instance, it is a documented fact that when one opts for a quick fix to fat loss, one might lose a few pounds quickly, but once you the program ends, the fat comes back with a vengeance because of the very approach of quick fixes (usually starvation or tampering with metabolism chemically).

This is the core of Burn The Fat. The rest of the book has the complete and exact techniques for effective and safe fat loss and effective muscle building - explained on both a scientific and a practical level.

However, although you will burn off large amounts of fat in a relatively short span of time, it is a moot question whether everyone will get a well toned body during the same time span.

Common sense says, that it will take a little more time and persistence with the weight training component of Burn The Fat to gain muscle after losing your excess body fat. But you'll get there most certainly if you stick to it. That's what Tom has promised and that's what has also be reported.

- Highly personalized; not a one size fits all program

- Safe and effective fat loss

- Dietary ingredients easily obtainable

- No hassles, no equipment

- Extensive fitness information

- Muscle gain requires a lot more than the program

- If muscle gain is your objective, there are better programs like Muscle Gain Truth

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  • You Gain Fat EVERYDAY that you are not on a fat loss program, making the problem worse
  • It's A Must For Burning Fat Without Losing Important Muscle Mass
  • It's A Must If You Are Serious About Remaining Fit And Healthy for life
  • This Fat Loss Program Is A Bestseller for the Last 7 Years
  • This program is created by a professional body builder who maintains his body fat level at 3%
  • Full Moneyback Guarantee (use link below )

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