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Back Pain Cure

The Back Pain Breakthrough Review

Back Pain Breakthrough Website

About Back Pain

Back pain is a very common problem with around eight in 10 people in Western countries suffering from backache at least some of the time. Back pain is usually not due to any serious disease. Most episodes of back pain get better quickly. Simple analgesics (pain killers) and modification of activity is all that is needed.

However, about 50 per cent of people who get back pain will have further episodes. The first step to manage back pain is to rule out the possibility of any medical problem, such as infection or fracture (although these are rarely the cause).

The structure of the back
The spine is the main structure of the body, it provides support for the pelvis, legs, ribcage, arms and skull. The spine is made up of bones called vertebrae that are stacked together to form a loose 'S'- shaped column. Each vertebra is cushioned by spongy tissue or cartilage called intervertebral discs. The discs have a flat structure with a jelly-like centre.

Each vertebra is also joined at the back by pairs of small joints known as 'facet' joints. A mesh of connective tissue called ligaments holds the spine together. Complex layers of muscle provide structural support and allow movement. The spinal cord runs through the centre of the vertebral stack and connects the brain to the rest of the body.

Common causes of back pain
Most people with back pain do not have any damage to their spine. The pain comes from the muscles, ligaments and joints. More persistent back pain may be associated with arthritis of the facet joints and degeneration of the discs. People with this condition may however not experience any pain. Some common causes of back pain include:

  • Arthritis - osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis are two forms of arthritis linked to back pain.
  • Muscle and ligament strains - weak muscles and ligaments are unprepared for sudden or heavy loads and are easily injured. Lifting a heavy load the wrong way, an unusual bout of exercise, or even bad posture over a period of time can hurt soft tissue.
  • Osteoporosis - vertebral fracture due to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease characterised by thinning of the bones. The vertebrae can become so porous and brittle that they easily fracture. Pain is due to the fracture.
  • Sciatica - the nerve that runs from the lower back into the leg is compressed by a bulging intervertebral disc, causing pain.
  • Stress - one of the side effects of stress is increased muscle tension, which can lead to fatigue, stiffness and localised pain. Constantly tight muscles can create postural imbalances that may cause misalignment of the spine.

Effective Alternative Back Pain Cure

No More Back Pain

no more back pain

Some User Comments:

I began suffering from a herniated disk on 12/1/07. This involved experiencing intense pain from the buttocks to mid-calf whenever I sat.

I attended my doctor and was given a steroid type prescription, taking a decreasing number of pills over seven days.

Also, I ordered your offering and began the exercises. I began experiencing some relief when doing the exercises.

I also felt better after walking. After taking the medication and not improving, my doctor prescribe physical theraphy. I discontinued your exercises and used the exercises - strengthening the abs and stretching. What a MISTAKE!

I started declining, the pain moving from down to my calf and numbness in my foot. I continued walking but developed a pronounced limp and was not able to elevate from my left foot.

Driving to work was excruciating and after the 40 minute drive, I had to stand beside my car for about 5 minutes before I could start walking.

I met with a specialist and was set up to have epidural injections. A CT scan disclosed herniation at S1 L5. These doctor appointments were taking me into mid February before the epidurals were to start.

I also met with am orthopedic surgeon and discussed surgerical options.

But I kept in the back of my mind your approach of treating symptoms vs correcting the problem.

In mid January, I discontinued the physical therapy routine and returned to the exercises prescribed by you. I also walk 45 minutes each day. While at work, I constructed a work station where I stood so as not to sit.

I attended management meetings and did not sit.

Following your exercise routines, by the time I was due for the first epidural session I had begun improving significantly.

I postponed the start of the epidurals for two weeks.

I have since continued to improve.

I now alternate between sitting and standing at work. I drive to work and experience no discomfort.

I SIT!! I even attended my son's basketball game last night and was able to sit on the bleachers.

I admit, I do not like doing the wall sit, but I believe that exercise contributed significantly along with the static ball exercise to my recovery.

No surgery, no epidurals. It has been from December 1 until now but, I am now almost back to normal --- and I continue my exercises daily.

Stephen Ames


Just wanted to let you know that since I started your system I am now painfree and my life is great.

I used to have such terrible low back pain,but now I can walk faster and do much more.

I used to be in a lot of pain,and had difficulty walking ,sleeping.

Since starting your system I am painfree and able to sleep through the night without constant pain.

I began getting relief from your program as soon as I started.

Relief was gradual, the more i did the better it got.

I would highly reccommend your treatment approach to other back pain sufferers.

Compared to all the other treatments approaches I have tried your approach tackles the pain and cures it in a more modern approach.

You have been supportive and informative and I know that you are
there for me if I need help in the future.


Back Pain Breakthrough Website

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